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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's your vision for your organization?

At 1HeartArt, we believe that when a community comes together as One, that oneness creates a force of love that transforms our lives, our loved ones, and the communities we live in. Through a shared love for visual art and the compelling stories that they tell, we all become a part of transformation of inmate and e-offender artists, supporting their families, and rebuilding our communities. Join us!

2. What does the logo stand for? 

The logo visually expresses our vision of coming together as One to transform hearts through art, as illustrated in the figure below.

3. Where are you based?

Chicago, IL, USA.

4. How is the organization set up?

It is a hybrid organization consisting of a separate non-profit organization and for-profit organization.

5. How long have you been active or in business?

Since 2013

6. How can I give without getting anything in return? 

You can donate here: 

7. How do I know the artist is committed to change and living in a new direction? 

We measure the current status of ex-offender artists through an assessment and track the progress of their goals through bi-monthly one-on-one meetings. In addition, 1HeartArt has specifically ensured that the artist is committed to changing by receiving acknowledgement and ownership of the past wrong choices, marking the first step to change. Next, we provide an opportunity for them to share their story in audio or video. 

8. How can I find out what crime the artist committed?

We are happy to share links to this public information. However, we leave this to the initiative of the viewer. For further inquiry, please email:

9. May I get in touch with the artist?

Yes, through the penpal program.

10. Are donations tax-deductible?


11. How many prisons do you work with in the USA? 

Currently, we are focusing on individual inmate artists and their families in various state prisons within the United States, not specific prisons.

12. How many inmate artists do you work with? 

Currently, we work with over 15 artists in Michigan, Florida, and Illinois.

13. How often do you receive new artwork from inmate artists? 

This depends on how many inmate artists we are connected with, which varies on a monthly basis.

14. How old are most of your artists? 

Most inmate artists are between the ages of 30 and 65.

15. Do you have an age limit for inmate artists? 

No, we don’t have an age limit.

16. Do you look to work with international inmate artists in future?


17. If I know an inmate artist, how can I connect that artist with your organization?

That is great that you know an inmate artist! Please fill out the form to connect them with us on this page: 


Penpal Program

1. How can I volunteer or get a group to volunteer?

Go to and fill out the form or you may send an email to:

2. Can I write anonymously?

Yes, you are welcome to write anonymously using an alias name. However, an email is required to continue the conversation with the inmate artist. Inmate artists receive letters directly from 1HeartArt and therefore, will not know or have access to any email addresses. 

3. How can I choose an artist to write a letter to?

Go to, choose an artist or artwork that you like or inspires you, and start a letter with that artist at


Art Challenge 

1. How many times can I vote in the art challenge?

Viewers can vote once per day.

2. Who will receive the prize money from the art challenge?

The beneficiary of the prize money will be the inmate's family member or loved one who submitted the artwork to the challenge.

3. How do art pieces get chosen for sale after the art challenge?

The most popular submitted artworks will be considered and chosen for sale after the art challenge.

4. Can artists submit more than one piece of artwork?

Yes, multiple artworks from the same artist may be submitted to the art challenge.


Art Starter

1. What's your criteria in choosing an inmate artist or ex-offender to work with?

We assess the holistic health (body, mind, and spirit) of each inmate or ex-offender artist.

2. How long do you work with the inmate artist for?

We work with artists as long as they are aligned with 1HeartArt's vision and with the terms of the agreement.  

3. How do you give the artist his/her money?

A money order consisting of 70% of the month's art product sales are delivered to the artist every month.

4. How long does it take to receive a product after purchasing?

3 to 7 days.

5. Does the scholarship money go to the child of the specific artist?

No, the portion of the sales go toward a general scholarship fund that will be distributed to students with incarcerated parents who apply through the Creative Corrections Education Foundation: