1HeartArt's HOPE Art Challenge

Repainting Hope from Behind Bars


September 29, 2014, Chicago, IL


Starting October 1st, 2014, voting will open on the new 1HeartArt HOPE Art Challenge which features artwork created by current and former inmates. Viewers can vote once per day on each art work until October 30, 2014.


Vote here: www.1heartart.org/art-challenge


Families, especially children, with loved ones in prison often experience economic hardship. Therefore, families who submitted on the inmate artist’s behalf will receive the prize money.


Winners will be announced on November 3, 2014 and the following prizes will be awarded:


  1. First Place: $500

  2. Second Place: $250

  3. Third Place: $100


"The HOPE Art Challenge has been a godsend to me because it has encouraged my son to continue doing his art while incarcerated. It provides him with a level of artistic expression, an outlet, that is not prevalent in his daily routine. As a result of this art challenge, he has a greater desire to continue this work; and because he is an artist, it has become very therapeutic for him.  He feels inspired and is very grateful for the opportunity of allowing him to display his art to the world."

Dr. Gale Frazier (mother of artist Esaias Frazier)


Boilerplate Information:


Since 2013, 1HeartArt transforms hearts through art by facilitating successful re-entry of current and former inmate artists through art challenges, a penpal program, and an art marketplace. The for-profit + non-profit hybrid extends a second chance through showcasing artistic talent locked behind bars, through building positive relationships through a penpal program, and by selling art products by ex-offenders to create an income streamline and in turn, reduce recidivism. 1HeartArt jumpstarted a re-entering artist to a new start with over 500 supporters by selling his masterpiece, ‘One Last Look’, on iPhone cases, t-shirts, greeting cards and more. To join us in repainting the world one life at a time, please visit us online at www.1heartart.org, @1HeartArt, and Facebook.com/1HeartArt. 1HeartArt is sponsored by JPay, Inc.



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