PEN-disciple PROGRAM

Help transform someone's life with something as simple as an email or hand-written letter. You will remain anonymous as you engage in conversation with the artists.


Roll call, the time where they call inmates names if they've received mail, is the most important part of an inmate's day. 


If you lead or are part of a group that can write pen-disciple letters, sign up here!

Who is a 'Pen-disciple'?

A Pen-disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ and you're now given a humbling opportunity to lead an inmate into a relationship with Christ and His mighty love, through the aid of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Write a note to an artist


Dear (Friend),


As I glanced through pictures that were displayed your picture, “The story of Golden Locks’ really caught my attention. The picture is more than merely color and lines across a page. The picture influences tenderness to the heart. You have a big talent and I hope that you continue to cultivate and develop it. I would like to ask you a question that I often ask myself. If you could do one thing without failing what would you do? Also, what hinders you from doing this thing? God bless you. I hope that you trust in His Love.



(Your first name or alias)

If you lead or are part of a group that can write pen-disciple letters, sign up here!

Name (or Alias Name) *
Name (or Alias Name)
Please share what you are thankful for about the art piece. Also, here are example questions to include in your letter: Can I see more of your art? What is the story behind this art work? What is your process for creating art? What inspires you?
Have you ever been involved in prison ministry? *
Have you ever served time in prison? *



  1. Be yourself.

  2. When in doubt, ask.

  3. Be a friend to the inmate.

  4. Keep your objectivity.

  5. Be patient.

  6. Be honest.

  7. Be a good listener.

  8. Respond within a reasonable amount of time

  9. Be aware of con games.

  10. Be trustworthy when someone shares with you personal or confidential information. 

  11. Be prepared to handle flirting or romantic advances.

  12. Find ways to encourage and give hope. 

  13. Be very kind and courteous. 


  1. Don't make promises you can’t keep.
  2. Don't come as an expert or reformer.
  3. Don’t write to help yourself.
  4. Don't give telephone numbers to the inmates.
  5. Don't give home addresses to the inmates.
  6. Don’t give money to the inmates.
  7. Don’t ask why a person is or has been in prison.
  8. Don’t enter into any personal or business transactions with prisoners. It could be a felony and you could be prosecuted.
  9. Do not allow the inmates to become personal with you. You are either “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” or “Miss,”. Remember familiarity breeds contempt.