The artwork (both material or electronic) entitled



is herewith provided to (Your name) in consideration of the use and publication of my artwork, I, as artist(s) (‘Artist’) hereby grant to (Your name) (‘the Owner’) an absolute assignment of the copyright in my artwork.



The assignment of the copyright in the artwork is absolute and the Artist acknowledges

that he/she assigns to the Owner all copyright in the artwork, being:

a) The exclusive right to do, and to authorize others to do, all acts restricted by the

Copyright Act 1968 in relation to the artwork including the right to reproduce the

artwork in whole or in part, prepare derivative works based on and distribute copies of

the artwork in digital form; and

b) all other rights of a similar nature now subsisting or conferred in respect of the artwork

by the law in force, during the full period of, and during all renewals and extensions

of, the copyright and the other rights. The Author hereby irrevocably waives any and all of the Author’s moral rights in the Works in favor of the person that the art work is assigned to, their successors, assigns and licensees for all purposes and for the full term of any such rights. 




The Artist acknowledges that:

a) The Owner has the right to use and re-use, publish and re-publish the artwork, in

whole or in part, individually or in conjunction with printed matter, or in composite form

and in any medium.

b) The Owner has the right to send the artwork to any person or owner for

further publication at the unfettered discretion of the owner.



The Artist warrants that:

a) He/she is the sole owner of the artwork and has full right and title to copyright in the


b) The artwork is not copied wholly or substantially from any other work or material.

c) He/she has not entered into any agreement or arrangement involving the sale,

mortgage, pledge, granting of options or any other rights over his/her interest in the

copyright in the artwork.

d) The mere use and exercise of copyright in the artwork by the Owner or any

licensee or sub-licensee of the Owner will not infringe any copyright or similar or

other intellectual property rights of any person, nor give rise to payment by the

Association or any licensee or sub-licensee of the Owner or any royalty to any

third party or to any liability to pay compensation.

e) Neither the execution of the Form nor the performance by the Artists of his/her

obligations will cause the Artists to be in breach of any agreement to which he/she is

a party or is subject. 


The Artists indemnifies the Owner against any claim, loss, liability, cost or expense

(including legal expenses on a solicitor and own party basis) which may be incurred or

sustained by the Owner as a result of any breach of the warranties given in this




This Form contains the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject

matter and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings between the parties in

connection with it.



No amendment or variation of this Form is valid or binding on a party unless made in

writing and executed by all parties.



If the Owner is required to make a payment by way of damages to a third party as a

result of the Artists breaching the copyright of the third party in the course of preparing

the artwork, the Artists hereby agrees to indemnify the Owner in full in respect of

the amount paid by the Owner to the third party, together with any costs incurred by the Owner.


Dated this ____________________ day of _______________________ 201________

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