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Have you ever needed another chance? We have. So have many others.

  • 1 out of 34 adults have served time under correctional supervision.
  • 2 out of 3 inmates go back to prison within 3 years.
  • 7 out of 10 re-arrested people are unemployed at the time. 

Yet, many inmates are incredibly talented visual artists. Why not provide support and resources so they can use their talent to support themselves and their families, while making our communities safer?  

1HeartArt serves as a platform that facilitates conversations around prison art and sells art through crowd-funding campaigns so that artists can support themselves and their families after they get out of prison.


More about Why we do it

The United States has a prison problem. Seven million people, that is 1 in every 34 adults, were under correctional supervision throughout the United States in 2011. That number includes individuals on probation, parole and those serving time in local jail and federal and state prisons. And 95% of folks who have served time will be released back into society.

Even more alarming is the recidivism rate which is astronomically high at 67%, that is two out of three ex-offenders return to prison within three years of release. 70% of those r-e­arrested are unemployed at the time of arrest. The truth is that once an individual has a felony on his/her resume, it often goes to the bottom of the pile. Often times, ex-offenders see committing another crime and going back to prison as an easier route to making ends meet.

At the same time, there are troves of talented visual artists in prison. One can walk from cell to cell and see masterpieces of drawings, street art, and paintings laying in their cell. They have the time, and they have the talent. Our goal is to help improve inmate's lives so that they are whole and transformed by taking the talents they already possess and giving them a platform to support themselves and their families after they are released from prison.

Many of our hearts break as we continue to mourn over the many other lives that we have lost in our communities at the hand of crime. The truth is that crime destroys relationships and destroys communities. How can we find healing?.

We do not excuse crime; however, I believe that "Love covers a multitude of sin" 1 Peter 4:8. We believe that if we give people the love and resources, they will be able to choose to transform and set their life in a positive direction.

We believe it starts with forgiveness. Forgiveness is hard. There is an adage by an unknown author that says, "the quality of a nation is measured by the quality of its mercy". Only when we as communities can forgive and believe that change is possible for those who seek it, then we believe we can rebuild our communities.

Thanks for believing!



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